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At Auctus, you are our focus. We seek, share, and guide – together.

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Demystifying the business and investment journey for our clients, reducing roadblocks, and creating avenues for success. An accountancy and business development company with a difference.

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It’s not easy to help stuck people become unstuck. Here at Auctus, we walk closely alongside you on your small business’ growth journey, offering a wide range of services from accounting to business advisory and innovations, business systems, and organisation valuations. 

We’re in this industry because we have a passion for seeing other people find their way. We’ve been there, so we get it! And this is why we do what we do – to share the lessons we’ve learnt and the wealth of knowledge we’ve accumulated along the way, with you.

Our team of Chartered Accountants, located in Hamilton, Napier, Tauranga and Auckland, are more than just business accountants – we do things differently. We believe open conversations are vital to building successful long-term relationships, and we are excited to have discussions with businesses who want to grow.

We are here to guide you and would love to help you to clear the path for your business.

Our Accounting & Advisory Services

With you every step of the way

Accounting & Tax

Seek professional advice from Chartered Accountants and tax experts to streamline your processes and meet your business requirements.

Advisory & Innovation

We offer real-world, real-time advice and innovative market responses. We’re in this together – whether it’s walking the walk or talking the tech talk.

Specialist Services

Don’t worry, we’ve been there. We can guide you on your growth journey, show you which steps to take and provide expert advice and support every step of the way.

Services for every sized business

Small Business Accounting

As an owner of a small business you are passionate about your craft – but probably not bookkeeping.

Medium-Large Business

Accounting for medium-large businesses requires a higher level of organisation and information to help make better decisions.

Package Services

To make things easy, we’ve grouped our services into 4 packages specifically designed to suit different business types and growth stages.

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Auctus Business Advisors and Chartered Accountants are Xero Platinum Champion Partners

Chartered Accounting Services To Help You Grow

Many people have the perception that Chartered Accountants simply help businesses with their end-of-year financial statements, tax obligations and GST returns.

While this is true, Auctus is about much more than basic accounting. The team at Auctus are motivated to unlock business growth, help business start-ups achieve their dreams, and unleashing all the potential in more established businesses.

Auctus specialises in

This includes linking businesses with key service providers like lawyers, banks, and other vital connections that open doors to growth.

Auctus provides all the services commonly offered by Chartered Accounting firms, and can grow beyond this to effectively become an in-house Virtual Chief Financial Officer (vCFO).


Having a mature in-house finance function is a luxury that many businesses cannot afford, often leaving the business owner chewing up valuable time on finance and accounting operations.


Add payroll, human resource management, cloud computing, digital tools and apps, and your business is up to speed and able to compete in the modern world.


Engaging a Chartered Accountant who will be a trusted advisor as well as a growth catalyst is really about choosing a long-term partner who cares about your business as much as you do.



of Auctus

– we are on a mission to help you grow, and reach your full potential.

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Drawing upon our experience and knowledge, we are here to offer a helping hand, so you can achieve business success through timely market insights and information. Walk with us, we’re here to guide.

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"Auctus communicates clearly where we are at and how we can improve our systems to better grow our business"


"We feel that Auctus’ services are integral to the success of our business. They take the stress and guess work out of doing it ourselves. And always works with total integrity and a passion."

If you would like to start your journey, know that we are here for you – to have those deep, vital conversations to build a successful relationship and safely guide you down the road ahead.

We want to make sure you have the right business support to build the right foundations for success. This is why we personalise our services to suit you: our client.

Accounting & Tax Advisory & Innovation Specialist Services Small Business Accounting Medium-Large Business Accounting Package Services

When you join Auctus, you become part of our regional network, where you receive local knowledge and information, with national awareness and support. We’re your gateway to success.

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"We love the ease of dealing with the Auctus team from digital platforms to payment systems – its easy."

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