Welcome to Auctus

Our Chartered Accountants and Small Business Advisors are here to guide you – removing roadblocks and walking with you on the pathway to success.

Our point of difference? It’s the ability to walk the growth talk.

When we opened our doors in 2012, it wasn’t on a whim. Our founders, Steve and Siobhan Mundy, decided to take a chance, to challenge the status quo and perception of chartered accountancy, and service others who run small businesses. It was a scary prospect.

Fast forward a few years, a couple of regional branches and some exponential growth later, and you could say things have changed. Our journey here at Auctus has taken us beyond accountancy, into an advisory role in which we guide clients on their business journey.

We still do the number crunching, the tech investigation and business evaluations, but our services go far beyond a normal accountancy firm. Our team of advisors do things differently.

We seek, share and guide – together, serving our clients who seek clarity, so they can strive to be better, focus on success and delve deeper. Our team do this through sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience and walk side-by-side those who want guidance for their next step on the pathway to success.

At Auctus, we demystify the business and investment journey. We act as a guide for small businesses to reach their growth potential through holistic accounting and business development, and act as a growth catalyst, empowering leaders, and organisations to execute their possible.

Our talented team of Chartered Accountants are committed to transforming your business through innovative (and often adventurous) services, processes, and systems.

If you seek clarity with your business, we’re the team you’ve been searching for.