Advisory & Innovation

Planning for the future is as important as working in the now.

Our experienced and impartial advisors are here to guide those who seek a clear strategic direction.

Future decision making and business evolution becomes simpler when there is a strong plan in play to maximise opportunities and clear the roadblocks to success.


We offer real-world, real-time advice and innovative market responses. We’re in this together – whether it’s walking the walk or talking the tech talk.

Strategic Planning – Life Cycle

  • Startup – New to business? We have a team of experts who can help you every step of the way. Business plans, business structure, cashflow projections, budgets, trading forecasts – we’ll take the guess work out and walk closely with you to guide you through the early days. From bank finance applications, registration with the Companies office and IRD, we’re here to enlighten your journey.
  • Emerging – Ready to grow your business? Don’t worry, we’ve been there! The Auctus team are here to act as your advisors, supporting you on your growth journey and guiding you through this stage of your business’ life. We’ll help with cashflow forecasting, systems and procedures, and strategic planning.
  • Established – Want to do more? As advisors to startups, small and medium enterprises across New Zealand, we understand what it takes to grow and succeed. We look at the balance beyond the books when we develop your business’ growth strategies and advise you on management reporting, debt advisory and capital raising.
  • Expanding – Is it time to scale up? Let our senior advisors review, forecast and diagnose areas for you to penetrate or pivot into, without compromising your core business values. Our team can partner with you, and guide you through mergers and acquisitions, debt recovery, asset security, tax structure and planning, and governance frameworks.
  • Exiting – Succession planning helps to clarify your company’s journey ahead and solidifies future plans. It also ensures leadership continuity and that your company retains and develops intellectual capital for the future. Here, it’s important to consider business, personal and family expectations while defining the steps needed to turn that end goal into a reality. And we’re here to make the process simple and seamless, guiding you through asset protection, succession planning and management buyouts.


Choosing the right business type can be tricky. We understand structures – from single company formats to multi-level portfolios with numerous entities. Let us talk you through your different options, from a company, partnership, or limited partnership to a look-through company or Trust. We’ll seek to understand your goals for the future to ensure that you get this important decision right from the start.

Corporate Trustee Services

Quality advice is critical to a successful Trust, from the establishment through to the ongoing administration. Obligations for trustees can often be complex, which is why it’s important to seek a trust administrator who can provide the right guidance. We can advise on the best ways to preserve your assets and ensure the intended beneficiary or beneficiaries receive as much as was proposed.


Business & Share Valuation

Shares – do you know what they’re worth? If you are looking to buy or sell your business shares, the Auctus team can assist you with the valuation of your business and other equity forms to support these transactions. Offering greater visibility around financial and commercial outcomes of alternate solutions, our services include:

  • Valuations
  • Cashflow modelling
  • Financial analysis
  • Strategic decision making
  • Forecasting


Business Disruption Support

What happens when you need to navigate through the unexpected? Can you see a change in the seasons ahead? We’ll seek to understand your concerns and share our solutions to traverse the unknown by mitigating some of the future mystery, including:

  • Risk management
  • Business continuity and tactical planning
  • Cashflow forecasts
  • Recovery plans
  • Administrative processing
  • Covid-19 support


Tax Planning & Structure

If you’re buying or selling property or a business, or perhaps a large business asset, the key is maximizing your tax position – and get it right from the start. At Auctus, we’re a team of expert Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors who can help you manage your obligations and transactions, while eliminating the overwhelming amount of taxation information out there. We’ll share practical tax solutions and plan your tax structure (personal or business) so you can have peace of mind, right from the get-go.



Innovation answers the question, how can we address a specific challenge in a way that increases value for both our customers and our company?

Being innovative is about maintaining an environment where it is normal to bring information, imagination and inspiration together to create and implement solutions and improvements on a regular basis.

While innovation is often about new and improved products or services, it could also be about a better process, business model, organisational structure, customer experience, sales channel or complementary products or services.

Systems & Procedures

We can help you identify who’s who, and who’s doing what (or not) in your business. We’ll carry out an organisational review that distinguishes departments, roles, functions, and responsibilities so that you can shape future direction. This process identifies vital issues that can then be considered early, saving you time and money in efficiencies.

Strategy Development & Implementation

An effective business strategy serves as a blueprint for the different aspects of running your business, from hiring to organisational structure. We’re dedicated to helping you lower your risks, strengthen your operations, and implement an effective plan of action to heighten your business strategy. From high-end reviews of business models, we can work with you to effectively identify strategic initiatives that support your objectives and growth plan.

Software & Systems Support

The world we live in is constantly evolving, and as business owners we must too. Here at Auctus, we want you to leverage the benefits of integrations in your organisations.

Cloud systems can transform how your business operates and create serious time advantages whilst improving business performance. Solutions to those tricky areas could be right at your fingertips – let us minimise any fear or confusion and help you embrace new technology.  We’re a proud Xero Platinum Partner, but also work with various software and customisable systems to improve the efficiency of your operation.

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"Auctus communicates clearly where we are at and how we can improve our systems to better grow our business"


"We feel that Auctus’ services are integral to the success of our business. They take the stress and guess work out of doing it ourselves. And always works with total integrity and a passion."

If you would like to start your journey, know that we are here for you – to have those deep, vital conversations to build a successful relationship and safely guide you down the road ahead.

We want to make sure you have the right business support to build the right foundations for success. This is why we personalise our services to suit you: our client.

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When you join Auctus, you become part of our regional network, where you receive local knowledge and information, with national awareness and support. We’re your gateway to success.

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